Eyebrows frame the face like a beautiful frame brings a painted canvass to life. Make your eyebrows all they were meant to be.

For women who don't have a tube of lipstick in their hands at all times. Wouldn't it be lovely to have lips shaded the perfect color for your completion all the time?


With permanent eyeliner, you wake up with lovely eyes enhanced by your wash and wear eyeliner. It is easy to be ready to go at a moments notice.


At the pool, in the shower, or enjoying the hot tub, with permanent makeup you are ready to go anywhere, any time of the day.


Experience Rachell Hall's expertise, NO pain, NO hassell, NO worries, just CLASSIC BEAUTY.




Tired of looking sick and tired without makeup? Rachell Hall Classic Beauty Studio is the perfect place to find an expert with over 25 years experience in how to make you look classically beautiful with and without makeup.

Rachell Hall's

Classic Beauty/

Permanent Makeup

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Rachell Hall Classic Beauty

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8075 East Morgan Trail,   Suite 6,   Scottsdale, AZ 85260
email: rh (at) rhlifestyle.com           Tel:480-368-9239

(Morgan Trail is on the corner of Morgan Trail and Hayden Rd.,

Morgan Trail is off Hayden Road, between Shea Blvd. and Mountain View - Suite 6 is the front south corner of complex facing Hayden Rd.)

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