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1. If you want extraordinary results, you must find a professional who is both an artist and a technician.


All permanent makeup technicians are not the same. What distinguishes a great technician is artistic talent- the ability to draw and shade beautifully with cosmetic tattoo equipment. This requires a specific skill set that takes artistic talent, a great deal of training and many years to perfect. YOUR finished artwork will only be as good as the artist you select. Look for someone that has extensive experience creating the “effects” you are considering.  Rachell Hall has over 28 years of customizing to the individual face shape and nuances of the facial bone structure, not to mention that she is also a color genius.

How to Choose the Right Permanent Makeup Professional/Technician

2.  Talent and expertise come with a price.


Low prices are not an indicator of value. On the contrary, very low or “cheap” service prices are general indicators of inexperience, lack of business or cutting corners with pigments, anesthetics and cosmetic tattoo supplies. Many technicians cut corners on cheap products. If you are considering a semi-permanent procedure that will be done on your face, discounted fees should not be the main criteria for making a decision. That "Groupon" bargain may not be a bargain if your finished artwork is disappointing and less than beautiful or the color is wrong. Expect that highly skilled permanent cosmetic technicians will charge fees commensurate with their level of training and expertise.

Fees are general indicators of expertise, location, demand, customer satisfaction, years of experience, and the quality of customer care.

3. Technicians, training, expertise and artistic skill varies widely.


There is no substitute for training, experience and talent. These are key consumer considerations that should be evaluated thoroughly “prior” to scheduling your procedure. Extensive training, years of expertise, numerous testimonials, can mean the difference between great results or a poor experience. Always ask for references. Always check a professional website for testimonials. Review your technicians’s web site. Does it have a clean, artistic and professional look. Arrange a consultation – or visit where they are working. Ask if you may call past clients who have experienced first hand the quality of work by your permanent makeup professional.

Review questions:

Take time to check out the technician you are considering for your permanent cosmetic services. Here’s the quick check-list:

  1. Are they an artist?

  2. How long have they been a permanent makeup technician?

  3. What type of training do they have?

  4. How many procedures have they done?

  5. Are there Testimonials or References Available?

  6. Are people on site that you can see close-up?

  7. Do they work out of a professional office?

  8. Have they worked with people of all ages, and ethnicity?

  9. Are they showcased in reputable magazines?

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