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Dawn Billings personality expert
Dawn Billings, CEO/Founder
The Heart Link Women's Network
When I turned 60  I was tired of messing with make up everyday. It wasn't as easy and fun to apply as it had been when I was younger. Terrified I approached Rachell Hall about permanent make up and she assured me there was nothing to be afraid of and boy was she right. I felt no pain, but I have sure enjoyed the GAIN. This was a great decision for me.
Kerry Press, DeNovo Scans, Thermal Body Scans, Glendale, AZ
Rachell Hall is amazing. She did my final phase of Breasthetics (3-D nipple tattoo and areola restoration) after my double mastectomy. I love the way I look. I feel absolutely beautiful. So choosing to do the other proceedures was a 'no brainer' once I experienced Rachell's expertise.
Ellen Ellison, Realtor/Luxury Private Listings
I am a breast cancer survivor and my Doctor trusts her patients to Rachell for the final phase of Breasthetics (3-d nipple tattoo and areola restoration) after breast cancer. My tatas are gorgeous thanks to Rachell! After trusting her with such a personal and important job,  I totally trusted her to do my eyeliner, which again, I loved, so then I of course had to continue and had Rachell do my Eyebrows and Lips! Can't say enough good words to describe Rachell Hall's work and my experience.
Jovan Van Drielle,President & CEO Tijon Fragrance Lab
It actually took me 10 years to finally decide to have Rachell do my eyeliner and eyebrows. Why so long? I was “afraid” it was going to hurt.The best way I can describe the feeling was “a butterfly fluttering on my skin” in other words, NO PAIN! I am so happy I finally "took the plunge" as now I can swim and sun bathe with confidence, never having to worry about my eye makeup looking less than perfect. Fast forward to 2016. Two words no woman ever wants to hear: “Double Mastectomy”. However, I knew after breast surgery I would be able to have a beautiful outcome on my areola tattooing as this is yet another area where Rachell Hall excels! In short, whether you need eyeliner, brows, or nipple area tattooing, I speak from experience, you are in great hands with Rachell Hall.
Susan Nightingale, Mesa Arizona Heart Link Networking Leader
I am a very active, get things done, 69 year old woman who did not want to have to slow down just to put on my makeup. But, I do love to look attractive, so when Rachell Hall was recommended to me, I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done.  I love my look and how easy it is to wake up and not have to worry. It also looks great when I apply my wake up for a special occasion.
Tina Rucker Clemmons, Thermal Body Scans, DeNovo Scans
Rachell Hall is in love with the idea of helping every women feel and look beautiful. I am a very active woman who lives in my active wear. I love that I feel attractive working out, and when I am actually working. Rachell's technique, and painless proceedures have helped me feel that I can get up and go and always feel confident about my permanent make-up.
Verood M, Scottsdale, Arizona
I was a little worried about having eyeliner, thinking I might come out looking like a drag queen, because I don't always wear eye liner...but WOW!  I can't believe how natural & beautiful it is!  My husband commented the other day how I wake up looking beautiful - it's because I now wake up with EYES!  Before my eyes were so washed out, even though I'm Italian, my skin is fair and my eyes were not noticeable without a ton of make-up.   Rachel put just the right amount of liner & color on.  The top liner was placed inside the lashes, so you don't get that made-up Maybelline liner look, just the look of fuller lashes and a more noticeable outline of your eyes.  The procedure itself was more uncomfortable than actually painful, and I could tell immediately that Rachel knew what she was doing, because she went to work right away with no hesitation, knowing exactly what was needed.  I would recommend Rachel 100% and in fact am going back to get my eyebrows done next.  I can't wait!
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