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Finding the Humor
& Making Sense of the Crazy Surrounding Cancer

I am an ardent advocate for women's health issues. I have aided women recovering from breast cancer for over 25 years, but in 2015, it got PERSONAL. I was diagnosed with colon cancer and the woman known for celebrating classic beauty was suddenly wearing a colostomy bag. My personal health crisis took me on a journey that moved me to write a book about the tragedy, humor, horrors and craziness of fighting cancer, myself and the people around me.


I think you will enjoy the humor, the education, the insight, the encouragement and the very important practical education I share with others who wake up, as I did, and find themselves in a world of 'shit'. (pun intended)

Rachell Hall, Author and Speaker

I have spent my life learning about, fighting for, encouraging, inspiring and helping woman celebrate the last step of breast cancer recovery. Little did I know that after 25 years of working with women with breast cancer, I would be diagnosed with, no not breast cancer, but colon cancer and find myself walking around with a colostomy bag.


I was left no choice but to find the unicorn and rainbows in my pile of 'shit'. My new book, soon to be released, will be filled with practical advice, guidance and classic beauty tips for any woman lost in cancer's crazy madness.  You will discover: What do YOU need to know that the system is forgetting to tell you? How to deal with the unimaginable terror. How to better understand your crisis personality and the crisis personality of those around you.

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