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The whole big story ...

As a beauty and lifestyle editor, I have visited and written about some of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts, spas, restaurants and travel destinations.
I enjoy making every moment, whether by the pool, cooking in my kitchen, sitting in the hot tub, or simply relaxing on my patio special and beautiful, and I love writing about, and sharing my experiences. That is why when I exited the hospital with a diagnosis of colon cancer and the colostomy bag that goes with it, and no shoes to match, I was beyond perplexed.
How could a woman possibly feel beautiful in this situation?

I needed information. I needed help. I needed to understand the tzunami that was taking me under.  I have written about this experience with what I hope you will find humorous, interesting, valuable, insightful and inspiring.


I am dedicated to helping you  make YOUR life beautiful no matter what circumstances you wake up and find yourself in. My goal is to not allow cancer, or any other serious illness, steal the confidence, hope and feeling of being beautiful from any woman's heart.

I will soon be launching the Molecular Makeover Program based on the science of Darrell Tanelian M.D.PhD 

I credit this science for saving my life . I am gratefully reconstructed and healed without the chemotherapy and radiation that I was told that I must have. My personal choice as all medical procedures should be.

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